What’s Better Than An Alyx Rush Single Droping On 4.18.18? An Alyx Rush Personalized Hardcopy Single With His Signature On It!

Just got off the horn with Alyx’s manager at NBN Music Ent. and do we have some great news for you! We will have Limited Edition hardcopies of Alyx Rushs’ single “Minutes ( Rewind)” and he will be signing everyone of them! Get your hands on them quick, once they are sold out, they are gone! This CD will be a Limited Edition and also have his signature on each one. U can have a short message from Alyx on your copy as well! Personalizing it will be cool as one day soon you will have something that no one else can get. Just contact Natty Long either via Messenger, DM on Twitter and/or through email at Natalie.Long721@gmail.com or by text at 309-558-8589.

???Dropping on all platforms on 4.18.18!!!!!???? so exciting and also hope to announce something huge very soon as well ?G

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