The FLUFF Blog & Podcast Presents: “Can Someone Please Help Me Understand A Couple Items I just Can’t Seem To Be Able To Wrap My Head Around?” – G

Would you mind please taking a 10 question survey and help G understand a couple matters that have been really weighing on his mind as of late?

Please feel free to comment, like and share. It’s time we start talking and begin taking action & accountability over what we do and/or don’t do to ensure the security of our kids & their futures…

  1. Why does #MAGA feel & look like a cult?
  2. When did women become ok with men talking about them like dogs?
  3. How can you be a woman and support a president that thinks and has even said that just because he is a celebrity, it is ok to go around and grab women by the pussy?
  4. Since when has anyone with nothing to hide try to hide everything?
  5. When was the last time that a catastrophic event like Hurricane Maria wipe out an entire American territory and one of the very first thoughts and choice of words for the people devastated by such an event was how much the rebuilding process will stretch our US budget?
  6. Is it just me or is the idea of firing the lead on any investigation that has any correlation with the person doing the firing seem a bit obvious and suspect? No? How about when the person doing the firing blatantly admits on camera that he did it because of exactly just that?
  7. Do you feel comfortable with an executive order or policy binding us as a nation via a Tweet?
  8. There are both good & bad people in politics regardless of party. Since when did the loyalty for a party supersede moral dignity, compassion for others and the difference between right and wrong?
  9. Have you ever looked into the definition of a dictatorship and what the signs look like when a dictatorship is eminent?
  10. Do you have any clue or are you fully aware but trying your hardest to ignore it in hopes that this will ALL just go away?

“Don’t be blind to what you can see…”

“Some of us never had a choice…” – G

To Be Continued…

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