The FLUFF Presents “Fade To Black: Diary Of A BlindMan”

I’m truly at a loss for words as of a late and for someone who harbors so much

inside out of respect for others and their feelings, this unsettling feeling within me is killing me as resentment builds as each day passes…

By Guego Schmitz

Fade To Black: Diary Of A BlindMan

For the last several years of my life I’ve had to take in so much on my own with little to no say on anything. The transition alone from being something to being nothing is enough to drop most to their knees. Throw in the factor that so many depend on you and are counting on you for their well being and security and you quickly start feeling the weight of the world crashing on your shoulders and mind you, you’re already on your knees…

God, grounds you, but isn’t that poetic justice because on your knees is exactly where HE wants us to be? There are times in life when being overly reliant on oneself can be a bit over bearing. So, many times we try to convince ourselves that if we just have control over the situation, everything will workout just fine.

Fact is that we have no control. Don’t get me wrong, of course to a certain extent we do have control more specifically when it comes to choice, but it’s the control over the things we don’t have a choice on that I speak of. For instance, you might have woke up today and made it your choice to be responsible and get ready to go to work, but what wasn’t your choice was what was awaiting for you 10 minutes from your home, when a drunk driver plowed through a red light T-Boning you as you were singing the lyrics of the one you loved, “You’ve got your ball, you’ve got your chain… Tied to me tight, tie me up again…” – Dave Mathews

(To Be Continued)

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