The FLUFF Blog Presents “Control” (Part One)

I think sometimes we focus so much on what we can control, that somewhere a midst the stress, anxiety and energy we put on ourselves; We forget that we’re not in control at all…

Today’s world has become such a competitive environment by nature (really but not really), that most of us get so caught up just trying to keep up just to live, that most of us forget to breathe long enough to really know what it is to live.

Technology has made it so, that pretty much anything you can dream of or ever wanted to learn, see and/or create are all within the palms of our hands. It is truly quite the time to be alive wouldn’t you say? But, is it really?

...About It
THINK by Guego

Society alone has made it so that many of the moral principles that our very own parents grew up on are no longer warranted, as most of those core principles that they grew up on are no longer applicable (or so we think as much) in today’s world. If you’re old school minded than you’re just that “old school”.

Never in our lifetime has it been more important to not only be open minded to change, but adaptation to such a rapid pace of change has been somewhat of the lay of the land nowadays. If you don’t fit the mold, you better learn how to quick or else you’re someone else’s dinner. It’s truly become a survival of the fittest society like state of mind just to make it and if you don’t learn to adapt than you’ll perish in the process. You have to decide very early on in this game, “Do I want to eat or be eaten?” Once you’ve come to terms with this mythology like state of mind, than and only than is when your journey truly begins…

(To Be Continued)

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