Happy 26th Anniversary – San Francisco, CA – November, 2018


Happy 26th Anniversary to the two most beautiful pieces of me that made me who I am…

Mom & Dad - 26th Anniversary - San Francisco, CA - November, 2018
Papa & Mama Guego in San Francisco – November 2018 for their 26th anniversary
Mom & Dad – 26th Anniversary – November, 2018 – San Francisco, CA

“I know I say this every year (right around this time of the year), but I truly am the luckiest son in the world and I’m so very grateful for all that you do for me.”  

Guego Schmitz

your son


Do your parents look this good? lol

Pops & Moms

I know this past year has been a very trying year for me.  I realize how much stress the both of you shoulder, every time I’m going through something and for that I apologize.  I promise to try harder, love harder and fight harder for all of us and pray that God can heal the hurt and mend the hearts that I am sure I’ve broken (mom) this past year.  I wasn’t raised so prideful to not recognize my errors and own my own shit; so this is me saying I am sorry.  

I love you both dearly and I hope you both are having the time of your lives on your 26th anniversary in beautiful San Francisco.  

With Lve Your Son,


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