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Happy Thanksgiving

Today, should be a day of reflection.  A day unlike any other day of the year.  

Giving thanks for all the blessings and of those little things that our all too often fast paced life, affords us to forget and even take for granted. 

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Q: The Standard Bear
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I’ve put together a little list of my own.  Check it out!  I am thankful for:

  • God
  • Good Health 
  • Family & Friends
  • My Enemies
  • My Supporters
  • Having a Roof over my Head
  • Food for my Kids to Eat
  • Freedom
  • Peace
  • Love 
  • Music
  • This Gift
  • For the Little Vision I still have 
  • Opportunites
  • My Kids
  • My Mom (My Rock)
  • My Dad (My Bull)
  • My Fiancé 
  • Artists I’ve Worked With
  • Management I’ve Worked With
  • This Platform
  • Our Service Men & Woman
  • Troops Overseas Fighting for Me
  • Fellowship

And the list goes on… 

Today, is the one day out of the year where you get to enjoy your family if you are lucky enough to be with your family.  My heart goes out to all of the service men and women that don’t have this luxery fighting and ensuring that we do in this great nation of ours.  

I know we are currently living in a very trying time, as the leadership in this great nation has made it a point to remind us with daily rhetoric, that our nation is doing horribly compared to the rest of the world, our boarders are insecure in the south, our Cnadian brothers to the North have been taking advantage of us for far too long, The Press is the Enemy, etc., and God knows I could keep going, but I don’t need to to make this point… 

“We ARE a GREAT Nation!  We can always be better of course, but we don’t need to be great again; we’ve always been and conintue to be great in spite of the rhetoric.  Don’t believe the hype.  WE ARE GREAT Nation just the way we are.  DO NOT let ANYONE tell you otherwise.  United WE STAND, Divided WE FALL.  One Love.”   

Guego Schmitz

Happy Thanksgiving To Everyone!

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