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You see what happens quite frankly is that you take shit and take shit and take shit for so long…

And you’ve bit your tongue for so long out of respect for those whom you do respect and wish not to burden… 

And you’ve dealt with the rumors and all the bs that comes along with it that is constantly being stirred up and spread around about your integrity, character and reputation…

Unfortunately, one can only last but so long in such elements before something eventually has to give or as most of you might say before shit hits the fan…

“I’ve learned in life that when you come to these crossroads more often then not you generally have one of three options to handle such a situation …”

Guego Schmitz

Those who were there by your side are suddenly no longer there and those who used to look up to you for guidance and direction have somehow found their own way.  Meanwhile, who gets left with the short end of the stick?  None other than the nice prick who didn’t know any better because frankly that’s just the way mama raised him, who was always there for everyone when they needed it, but somehow ended up with no one when the roles were reversed.  But I guess, I can’t bitch. I suppose I did it to myself after all. Hey, just to be clear I came into this game raw without a clue in the world about how this game is played. It’s been a long two years of straight having my ass handed to me by one fuck after another, but believe me when I tell you I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Shit, and they wonder why I’ve got a chip on my shoulder… smh 

Says it all doesn’t it?  Only ONE major difference between Punk and I, my mic won’t be so easily shut off… Stay Tuned bitches!  WE ARE NOW IN SESSION! (To Be Continued)

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