The FLUFF Blog + Podcast Presents: “If YOU Are OK With TRUMP, YOU Must Be OK With…”

Just for the record. If you support this President,

then you must be ok with the following:

  • Lies – Never in our nation’s history has there ever been a President who average more lies per day than this #POTUS and prick of ours Donald J. Trump.
  • Inviting Foreign Nations To Interfere In Our Elections – This President on live TV has publicly asked Russia, China and the country of Ukraine to look into political domestic matters of which they have no business meddling with nonetheless a political rival that happens to be his biggest threat to his presidency in our 2020 elections.
  • FBI vs. A Dictator – After our very own country’s FBI and all of its agencies concluded unanimously that Russia not only interfered in our 2016 elections, but even till this day they continue to do so and have every intention to continue to do so in our upcoming 2020 elections. Our President instead of trusting our very own country’s intelligence and their findings, he chose to say on live TV sitting right next to President Putin of Russia that he had asked Putin if he interfered in our country’s elections in 2016 and that Putin confirmed that he had not. To boot he stated that he didn’t see any reason whatsoever why our #1 nemesis and threat in the world would do so. As he confirmed to the world that He (our POTOS) believed our nemesis and their Dictator (Putin) over our very own FBI intelligence group and their findings.
  • President Fires Comey – This President has been quoted on the record on a live TV interview as stating that he did indeed fire Comey; who lead the original Russia investigation in our 2016 elections because as he stated himself, he fired Comey to finally get rid of this whole “Russian Thing” that was formerly being investigated to confirm whether or not Russia attempted to interfere in our 2016 elections. Which later that very same year was confirmed by the FBI / Mueller report as indisputable. You must be ok with that right?
  • Denied Access To Congress To Both Witnesses & Documentation That WAs Formerly Requested By Congress By Means Of A Subpoena. Not only did this President advise witnesses that were formerly served a subpoena to come and speak in front of congress to give their account on things under oath, but this President also has declined to provide even ONE document that was also formerly requested by Congress by means of a subpoena. You must be ok with that right? A President who doesn’t follow the law of the land is NOT a President my people; he’s a King or a Dictator.
  • Abuse Of Power – This President has been quoted once again on live TV that Amendment 2 clearly states that he can do anything and get away with it (also a lie). You know like shoot someone on “5th Ave” and get away with it. You must be ok with that right?
  • The Great Nationalist – This President has been once again quoted on record that “there were good people on both sides” when describing the KKK and its leaders after the Charlottesville Massacre. He’s even been quoted as admitting that he is a Nationalist which is once again a term used by White Nationalists and White Supremacy leaders in our country. You must be ok with that right?
  • Pussy Grabbing President – This President has once again been quoted on camera that it is ok to grab women by the “pussy” because as he stated himself “they’ll do anything when you are a celebrity”. You must be ok with that right?
  • Divider NOT A Unitor – No other President has ever promoted the division of our country and our democracy by promoting an “Us vs. Them” message causing hyper partisanship between our two main democratic parties the Dems vs. the Republicans.
  • Trump Taxes – This President although claiming that he has nothing to hide, is the ONLY President in our history that has never turned over his taxes and has even ordered that his taxes not be released because he supposedly is under “audit”. Whether on audit or not if you have nothing to hide why would you hide from anything? You must be ok with that right?
  • A Government Held Hostage – This President held our government hostage by allowing the longest government shut down in our country’s history over funding for his campaign promised precious “Wall”. The shutdown of Dec 2017 that lasted over 30+ days caused hundreds of thousands of government employees, to not receive pay as he doubled down for his sacred wall than to boot when the Democrats would not comply, he than proceeded to open up the government because of political pressure and then declared a National Emergency Executive order for our border, which I’ll give it to you we do have a problem at our border but is it really a National Emergency deserving an Executive order; which by doing so takes funding reserved for real catastrophic matters such as for example hurricane relief funding for US properties such as Puerto Rico who truly sustained a “National Emergency” after being directly hit by back to back hurricanes which completely demolished the entire island, who till this day are still rebuilding from the destruction that took place in 2017. You must be ok with that right?
  • An Impeached President – Not sure if you have been living under a rock or not but The House voted for the impeachment of Donald J. Trump approximately one week ago and although I know what you might be thinking in terms of how the majority handled their business, the impeachment itself should not come to you as a surprise considering all the damage he has done to our nation not only domestically but globally and thinking anything otherwise speaks volumes about those that continue to support this prick and their character, lack of knowledge and flat out ignorance. I’ve come to terms that yes you #MAGA must be either KGB, a dumb ass that has no clue what the definition of a dictatorship is and/or are so far right in your beliefs politically that even your faith that you profess so uphold so whole heartedly, places second behind this President over your God, his teachings and you wonder why so many folk don’t make more of an effort to have fellowship with other believers, when the mere hypocrisy alone is enough to keep masses from your pues; you and your support for such a man not only goes against all that our Savior died for, but to boot YOU are confirmation of what he warned us about false prophets and the vast mass of those of YOU that we should all be aware of; as these would be signs that the end of days would be near and our Savior’s return would be eminent. If YOU don’t feel the slightest bit of conviction within your core after reading this final bullet point than I’m afraid to tell you although the conviction within my core is the very exact reason why I am writing this post and I’ll be the first to admit to you I not only do not practice my faith as I know I should, but I thank God that I haven’t gone so far “right” that I can still feel what YOU don’t… YOU must be ok with all that right there ? huh?

So, let me wrap this up the same way I started it,

after reading all of that and trust me that’s the short list not the long;


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