Luke Gawne

Luke “The Kid LG” Gawne

Luke Gawne, also known as “LG,” is a 22-year-old rap phenom from Chicago, IL.

Luke’s limitless display of talent and versatility has netted him 30,000 new fans and nearly 1,000,000 combined views, streams and plays over the past year he has returned!

6 years ago, Luke hit rock bottom. After suffering a brain injuring in September 2011, his life spiraled into an incredibly dark place. Not only did he leave school for the next 2 years, Luke was constantly shuffling in and out of hospitals and other medical facilities.

After failing to respond positively to treatments, his pain doctor told him that his future was “too bleak to speculate on.” It was during this time that he also developed a strong dependence on numerous prescription meds. Luke was left with many unanswered questions about his future personally nonetheless his dreams as an artist. With so many uncertainties, Luke started questioning whether he’d ever return to living a functioning lifestyle again, but by the grace of God, he did just that!


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