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THINK by Guego ... About It
Guego's inspirational, motivation, captivating series. Whether you need a word of encouragement or just something to make you think and reflect, G's got you covered with his inspiring words.

The Empire

GSNEM: The Empire
The Guego Schmitz Network Empire is your one stop shop for all things from management, bookings, features, radio stations, merchandise & apparel, venues and much much more. The Empire is growing my friends so new additions will be added weekly. If you are a vendor or offer a service and would like to join our network please contact us here for specifics.

G’s unfiltered blog + podcast platform to speak his mind on all things from the industry, politics, religion, artist interviews, marketing, music reviews and news, event updates and much more!

Looking for beats? Well, you’ve come to the right place.  No discrimation on genre!  You will find anything from Alternative, Rock, Funk, R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop, Reggaeton, Dubstep, House, Techn, Scores, etc. G does it all!

The Shop

Whether you are looking for beats for your next hit single, searching for an EPK to have a visual resume that presents you and your craft to a tee or maybe you are looking for a community / network of affiliates that could help answer some questions about some radio station spots you were interested in to promote your work, The SCHMITZ Shop has got you covered!

SERVICES Powered by Guego
You can have all of the talent in the world and in this industry still not get noticed. Properly branding yourself and your craft is vital to your success in this industry. Fortunately, here at EchoTheGuego.com we get the latest inside scoop from A&R’s and major label Execs that keep us in the loop on what’s most important to them when an artist is being presenteed to them for a potential opportunity to add new and fresh talent to their roster. Let us help you make that first impression count!

If YOU have a VOICE, Use it. If you are shy support someone who’s NOT. Enough with the lies, America needs to wake up and be educated on the truths. It’s time WE come together and fight the security and freedom for our children, the same way that our forefathers did for us years ago. #TRUMPisaWORK. Join the movement today!

The BluePrint: My Progressive Story 
Coming Soon to The FLUFF (blog) is The BluePrint!  The story of how a legally BlindMan bleed blue for a corporation for 13 years of his life and the influence, struggles and challenges working in a call center corporate environment for one of the biggest insurers Progressive Ins in the nation.  Trust me this will be a must read as G intends on telling it all so no one with a disability ever has to go through what he endured with this corporation. “And to think, they just let me go...” - G #MyProgressiveStory


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