EPK (Electronic Press Kit)


An EPK is a multi-page artist resume with bio, visuals, interactive links to social media and music, work history, milestones and booking / contact info. etc. Formats: PDF, PowerPoint, Keynote with upgrade (Additional Fee) options for continuous slide show & music presentation for social media promo.


Would you ever go into a job interview without a resume? Imagine if you did, how serious do you think the interviewer will take you as a potential candidate for the position if you didn’t come equipped with some sort of presentation of your previous work history and experience. Well, in this industry it’s no different my friends. You can be on all social media platforms and even have great numbers as well, but no one that matters in this industry will take you seriously as an artist if you don’t come prepared with a formal presentation of you as an artist and your craft that you have worked so hard on to get you to this point in your musical career. Funny enough you’d be surprised at the amount of artists out there that claim to take their craft and work seriously but yet don’t even have a way to formerly share their story with an executive or an A&R if that exact situation were to present itself to them. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to impress others on the fly with your artist resume or as we like to call it in the industry an Electronic Press Kit. Get your’s today!


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