“EnterView” by Guego Schmitz

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“EnterView” by Guego Schmitz
Description: When everything in life from the very beginning stages of understanding lines up almost like a life “cross hair” in your scope and it brings you full circle to the person that you are today and paints the perfect picture of just how all the bullshit you’ve been through got you to this exact place … well my friends that is “EnterView”. Inspired by one of the most misunderstood people I’ve grown to love so very much and am so very thankful she is in my life. (How sweet huh, I did it for you;) Remember you are and have always been so much stronger than you could ever know honey. Chin up soldier, this one’s for you
Inspired by: ‪@fireytyrant ‬@DrDre @MoeDirdee
Project: Redemption
Genre: Hip-Hop


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