Custom Beats


Personalized Custom Beats


Do you got the lyrics but need the beat? Or maybe you got the verse and the feature but need that heat! With our personalized custom beat service it’s real simple. You send us the verses / feature and we do the rest! Here’s how it works:

1) Within 24 hrs of purchase you will receive an email communication outlining specifics about genre, style and/or preference along with upload information for the verse / feature that needs to be matched by the beat.
2) Once all items have been returned please allow 5-7 business days for completion.
3) Once work on a beat begins, refunds are not refundable.
4) We will provide you with 2 options for a customized beat.
5) If you are not completely satisfied with either of the two options provided after providing feedback and allowing us correct the matter, a refund – a 50% surcharge for the labor will be provided to the purchaser based on the original purchase price of product.

We strive for complete satisfaction in all of our work but in the rare instance that something is not to your satisfaction, we will make every effort to make it right, but if all options have been exhausted the above criteria will apply.


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