Site Maintenance Service Program (Monthly Service Charge)


Site Maintenance Service Program (Monthly Service Charge)
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Do you have a website and/or are looking to get a website but don’t have time nor the knowledge to keep up with site maintenance and/or practices? We’ve got you covered! Now, with our site maintenance program for merely $49.99 a month, we will ensure site updates are current, security is firm and we will even make minor site changes such as typography updates, theme related updates, page template changes, etc.

If you have any questions on this program and how it works please feel free contact us with any questions.

Please note price may vary based on complexity of work and/or request for services and/or site updates and/or changes.

Requirements: WordPress Site, Minimum 3 month service agreement (3x $49.99) at a rate of $49.99 a month.


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