“Vivir” by Guego Schmitz

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“Vivir” by Guego Schmitz
Description: the last genre I challenged myself to do Reggaeton holds a special piece of my heart. Being a genre from my beautiful island of Puerto Rico, I suppose the reason I waited as long as I did to try the genre is partially do to the pressure of knowing that I am making something special for my people. I definitely felt like if I didn’t do it justice I would be letting my island down. After the Hurricane Maria destroyed my precious island of Puerto Rico, I began the “Guego” project which is slated to be a 10-15 track project that I hope to get some artists on to help raise money for my people in PR. This track is probably one of the most personal tracks I’ve ever created. This whole “Guego” project is very very personal and will only have heat on it or it isn’t getting placed on the project at all. I hope you like it.
Inspired by: My beautiful Puerto Rico
Project: Guego
Genre: Reggaeton / Pop


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