Website Development Services (Premium Bundle – WordPress)

$559.95 $496.95

Website Development Services (Premium Bundle – WordPress) Powered by Guego Schmitz

Website Development Services (WordPress)

Website Development Services (WordPress) Powered by Guego Schmitz

$349.99 $328.99

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Digital Logos & Banners

Digital Logos & Banners

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Site Maintenance Service Program (Monthly Service Charge) × 3

Site Maintenance Service Program (Monthly Service Charge)
Powered by Guego Schmitz

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10 in stock


Need a website, but don’t have the funds nor want to spend a grand on someone to build it for you? No worries, G’s got you!

With our Website Development Services (Premium Bundle – WordPress) , you get a Managed WordPress Site powered by Guego Schmitz bundled with some premium services / benefits that make this bundle almost too good to pass up!

Please note prices may vary depending on your particular site needs and does NOT include hosting costs, domain charges and any additional set up fees and/or charges through GoDaddy. After Point of Sale, you will be contacted by G directly within 24 hours of purchase to discuss your site goals, plans & gather any additional data needed to begin site development.

GoDaddy charges / fees will be confirmed once site goals are discussed with G. Approximate GoDaddy charges will range from $250-$500 depending on your individual site requirements.

Once, full cost of GoDaddy fees have been collected, then and only then will site development begin.

Here’s what you get:
– One Managed WordPress Site (Cost Of Labor & Development)
– 3 Months of our Site Maintenance Service Program
– Digital Logos & Banners
– 3 Months of G’s Virtually Perfect Services & Expertise (You have questions? G, will answer them.)
– G, will handle all interactions with GoDaddy so you don’t have to with your pre-authorization & approval through GoDaddy.

If you have any questions and/or concerns about this product prior to purchase, please feel free to let us know your thoughts below. We will be in contact with you within 3 business days to answer any inquiries or concerns you may have prior to purchase.


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