What If I Told You (I Love You)


“What If I Told You (I Love You)” by Guego Schmitz

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“What If I Told You (I Love You)” by Guego Schmitz
Description: Epic R&B / POP Ballad
Inspired by: “What if I told you I love you, would you hold on?” Those were the lyrics that came to me when creating this piece. Inspired by a little 7 yr old girl who was hit as a pedestrian by a drunk driver in Los Angeles. I still remember it like it was yesterday the day her daddy got the call. I must have spent a whole day in solitude praying and making this piece as we all awaited results from the doctors about that little angels status. Truly one of the most personal and epic pieces I’ve ever created to date. Enjoy.
Project: RainMan Diaries
Genre: R&B / POP / Score


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