Looking for a way to make some E$Z Money?

E$Z Money – GSNEM Referral + Rewards Program

The GSNEM Referral + Rewards Program

How would you like to make E$Z Money doing something that you already do daily, just for the fun of it?

E$Z Money

The GSNEM Referral + Rewards Program

Looking for a new way to make some extra cash? Join The Empire, enroll today and start making $$$ the E$Z way!

  • Position – Promoter
  • Location – WFH
  • Company – GSNEM 
  • Website:  GSNEM.c


Nothing feels better than to get paid for doing something you love.

Our Vision
Sign up today as an Official Member of The GSNEM Empire and while you’re networking and surfing around on social media, if you happen to come across someone that you think could be a good candidate for any of our products and services,refer them to our site and if they purchase something from The Schmitz Shop; you get paid!  It’s as easy as that!  

How It Works

1. Apply below and you will receive an email communication within 24hrs of submission with confirmation of your enrollment to The Empire!

2. Get your unique GSNEM coupon code that will track each of your referrals and even grant your referral’s a discounted savings that they can use in The Schmitz Shop for purchases!  If we can increase your referred business by discounted their rate that means we increase the amount you get paid!

3. For each referal who successfully completes a purchase with your unique GSNEM coupon code, we will pay you based on the amount of the referral’s transaction as described below!

Program Payout Structure

For every transaction at point of sale with an overall purchase valued of:

Overall Purchase<br>Value of $50


You Get

Overall Purchase<br>Value of $100


You Get

Overall Purchase<br>Value of $150


You Get

Overall Purchase<br>Value of $200


You Get

Overall Purchase<br>Value of $250


You Get

Overall Purchase<br>Value of $500+


You Get

Our system will track your referrals based on your unique G-code (which receive via email upon enrollment) and will reward you a G-Spot Bonus on top of the pricing structure described above! Check this out:

Referral Bonus Payouts 

Not only will you get paid for each referral that purchases from our online shop, but to show our appreciation for your promo and efforts, we’ve included an R&R Bonus Payout Program as well!

First 5 Referrals


You Get 

10 Referrals


You Get

20+ Referrals


You Get

Dope right?  If you think so then don’t waste anytime!  Sign up today to be an official member of our roster and start making some side cash stat!  If you have any questions and/or concerns on this program’s specifics, please feel free to contact us so we can address any of your concerns.

Program Participation Requirements

  • Must be 21 or older
  • Must have a PayPal account
  • Must agree to include “Official @GS_N_EM Member” somewhere in your social media bio
  • Must agree to Promoter Program Terms and Agreement

Program structure is subject to change. Program owner reserves the right  add, delete, change and up to discontinue this program and its criteria described above without notice.

Feedback is a Gift! Please let us know your thoughts below...

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